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Gas prices held steady over the past week

The price of gas is holding steady in Tennessee and around the country. The average retail gas price in Tennessee fell 0.6 cents per gallon in the past week,…

Tim Cook

Apple's Tim Cook: Anti-gay laws are 'dangerous'

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken out against anti-LGBT legislation in the U.S., saying the new laws are "very dangerous" and contrary to America's founding…

Gefilte fish

Not enough gefilte fish for Passover?

Why is this Passover different than other Passovers?

Because you may not have any gefilte fish at your table on Passover, which starts at sundown on April 3.…

Atheism, atheist

Atheists open up: What they want you to know

Many Americans are leaving their faith behind. While fewer than 3% consider themselves atheists, about 20% of Americans don't identify with any religion,…

Automakers exceeding gas mileage standards

Automakers have beat ever-toughening gas mileage standards for a second year in a row. A new report says vehicles sold in the US are averaging 24.1 miles per…

Can’t make it to Grandfather Mountain? Take a virtual tour

Grandfather Mountain’s iconic Mile High Swinging Bridge and Grandfather Trail are the newest sites available for 360-degree virtual viewing on Google Maps…


Sleep better with six minutes of bedtime yoga

Sometimes sleep eludes us.


Man feels $7M better after get-well card

A Pennsylvania man won $7 million on a scratch-off lottery ticket that was in his get-well card from his father.

(img1)Sneak peek at Carowinds' newest roller coaster, Fury 325

1st rides on Carowinds' newest coaster, Fury 325

Warmer weather means crowds are about to start gathering at area theme parks. Carowinds, on the North Carolina-South Carolina border, showed off its newest…

2 headliners & wine-tasting at this year's Racks by the Tracks

We now know who’s going to be headlining this year’s Racks by the Tracks. Also this year, the sampling menu will include wine.

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