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REI to workers: Shun Black Friday, enjoy nature

For 13 straight years, energetic REI store manager Nikki Mashapure spent her Black Friday in the retail trenches, trying to keep from being overrun by invading…

Scrap giving pets table scraps, to avoid grief after Thanksgiving

There’s a reason the day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for so many veterinarians.

Bus riders in Kingsport can save money during December

Kingsport Area Transportation service will be helping regular riders enjoy the holiday season just a little more, by letting them keep a little more money.

UT report lays out options for boosting road funding

A new University of Tennessee study is laying out some options for the state to boost its funding for road projects, ranging from charging drivers by the mile…

Turkey Trot closing Johnson City roads on Thanksgiving morning

It has become a Johnson City Thanksgiving tradition. Drivers are asked to look out for runners in the annual Turkey Trot before they head home for the big…

rhythm roots opens

Tickets to next fall's Rhythm & Roots in time for Christmas

It seems like Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion just happened, but organizers will be selling tickets for next year’s while you’re shopping and spending this…

Cranberries blurb

Thanksgiving food to keep away from pets

Pet owners should be wary of giving some Thanksgiving staples to their dogs and cats.

Freezer food

How long can you eat those leftovers?

Deep in the recesses of most people's refrigerators lives a half-eaten bottle of salsa, some takeout Chinese food and last week's chicken dinner.


Deer mating season: What you need to know for your safety

Deer mating season has arrived, so authorities in both Tennessee and Virginia are trying to get word out that drivers should watch for them on the road.

Airport improvements opening slowly, most after Thanksgiving

Renovations to Tri-Cities Regional Airport will not be finished in time for the busy Thanksgiving weekend.

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