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New medical procedure helps eliminate body fat

There's a new, quick-fix weight loss treatment sweeping the country.  Promoters say it's safe, affordable and so convenient you can do it on your lunch hour…

(img1)What to do on Boone Lake with the water level so low

TVA to discuss Boone Lake repairs, answer questions

People who live and spend time on Boone Lake are going to get an opportunity to ask questions about the problem.

Millennials, office

Millennials have jobs, but still live with parents

It might seem shameful to previous generations, but Millennials are in no rush to move out of mom and dad's -- even after they've landed jobs.

broken down car automobile with hood up

List of top 10 consumer complaints released

Shady car dealers, shoddy home-repair jobs and credit card fees top the list of complaints people have about their interactions with businesses in 2014.

Construction moving along at Tri-Cities Airport

Construction at Tri-Cities Regional Airport has been in the works for quite some time, but actual labor started in January. It's expected to be finished no…

Traffic alert in Kingsport for a week

A major road in Kingsport is going to be closed for a week, starting Wednesday.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Visits to Great Smoky Mountains Park up from 2014

Great Smoky Mountains National Park says more than 4.3 million people visited between January and June, an 8 percent increase from the first half of 2014.

Americans with Disabilities Act

America still leaves disabled behind

Jordan Gallacher hasn't had a job in three years. Many employers reject him with a form letter or email, but one said outright: "We don't hire blind people."

HTC One cell phone

The science of cell phones and brain tumors

The city of Berkeley, California, passed a law that goes into effect next month requiring cell phone stores to inform customers about safety recommendations.…

Stoned App

How stoned are you? This app has the answer

You smoked and you're stoned. But how high are you? Now there's an app for that.

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