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Johnson City park getting new look

There’s change happening at a Johnson City park that hasn't been updated in 55 years. A community build is underway. Members gathered at Kiwanis Park to help…

Bruce Jenner April 24 2015

Jenner: 'Yes, for all intents and purposes, I'm a woman'

Bruce Jenner, who has spent his entire adult life in the public spotlight, has secretly spent his entire life as a woman. Now the secret is out after he…

Bern Switzerland

Get happy in the world's happiest countries

Would a taste of the finest Swiss chocolate make you happy? Or soaking in the warm Icelandic springs? Perhaps the great jazz and rock music scene in Denmark is…

Bruce Jenner

America's transgender moment

It's only April, but 2015 may be remembered as the year the term "transgender" fully entered mainstream consciousness.

In January, President Obama condemned the…

New grocery store, more competition

There’s new competition in the fight for your grocery dollars. A new Price Less Foods opened in Bristol, Virginia. It’s a former Food Lion off Interstate 81…


McDonald's to close 900 restaurants

A whopper of a problem for McDonald's, and CNN is reporting the fast-food giant plans to close at least 900 restaurants worldwide this year.

iceman outed

'X-Men' character Bobby Drake outed as gay

He's been part of a wildly popular superhero team since its very beginning.

But there's something we never knew about Bobby Drake, aka Ice Man of the…

Vacuums recalled over potential shock hazard

Put down that vacuum for a moment. A popular brand of upright vacuum is being recalled. The problem is a potential shock hazard.

angry businessman worker yelling at ignoring boss

No. 1 cause of bad work-life balance? Bad bosses

Be honest. How many times have you said this to your 5-year-old: "Hold on a sec, honey, I just have to answer this email from work."

401k investment portfolio, financial statement

You're $475,000 short on your retirement savings

How much do you think you'll need to quit your day job?

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