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Texas officials

Texas, Alabama blast same-sex marriage ruling

With last week's Supreme Court ruling, same-sex couples are flocking to the altar in all 50 states, right?

Eh, almost.

There are still a few holdouts, as…

Same-sex health

Can same-sex marriage make America healthier?

A few weeks ago, Carlos Santos-Herrera was in a hospital bed, ill with a rare, severe form of strep throat. He was weak, but conscious -- and worried. His…

THP getting ready for July 4th enforcement

Another holiday is coming up and that means more people driving on vacations, but also more police officers on the road to ensure safety.

4th of July festivities in East Tennessee and SW Virginia

Less than a week to go! America’s birthday is coming up and the celebrations have been planned. The next step is yours: Decide where you want to go!

Gay pride rainbow flag, June 2015

Gay pride: How the world became a rainbow

Scroll through your Facebook feed and you'll already see an array of family photos, pouting selfies and delectable dinners. But over the past few of days,…

Marriage equality rally draws large crowd

A landmark ruling made same-sex marriage legal nationwide, and local same sex-couples celebrated Friday, June 26, at a rally in Johnson City.

Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling

Local community divided on same-sex marriage ruling

Soon after the announcement, County Clerks across the state got word from the Attorney General Hebert Slattery that they could start issuing marriage licenses…

Poetry book

Does poetry still matter?

Quick: Name a famous living poet. Somebody. Anybody. No, not Maya Angelou. She died last year.

Same-sex marriage ruling

What does the same-sex marriage ruling mean for couples?

The Supreme Court extended the right to marry to same-sex couples nationwide in a landmark ruling on Friday.

Protecting children from online predators

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says 93 percent of children ages 12 to 17 are online. So how common are crimes targeting children on…

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