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Roller coaster, amusement park ride

Are you too old to ride roller coasters?

Some people have to miss the fun at amusement parks because they're too short or too tall, but can you be too old?

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos third richest person in the world

Move over Warren Buffett. Jeff Bezos is richer than you.

Playing Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go finally launches in Japan

Pokemon Go has finally launched in Japan, the original home of the game's adorable virtual critters.

Tinder composite

Tinder expands into group matches for wild nights out

Tinder has mastered the one-on-one meeting. Now the dating app is moving into groups. But no, not like that.

On Thursday, Tinder launched a new feature for…


Scientists closer to creating real-life invisibility cloak

The world doesn't have a "Harry Potter"-like invisibility cloak quite yet, but various research teams around the world have been making progress in figuring…

Adult coloring books

The pros and cons of a coloring books obsession

Coloring books are no longer just a child's pastime. Adult coloring books are a thing now too.

Bank perks: Free drinks, yoga and matchmaking

Millennials are turning up to hang out with strangers at events sponsored by their online lender.

Nice Bastille Day attack aftermath

Screen violence harmful for kids, experts say

Dead bodies. Bloodied faces. Tears. Terror.

Ashley Madison logo

Ashley Madison wants you to find 'your moment,' not 'have an affair'

Ashley Madison wants a second chance.

Victoria Beckham kisses daughter

Victoria Beckham's kiss with child: Is it wrong?

Should you kiss your children on the lips? That's the debate Victoria Beckham unintentionally started when she posted a photo of her and her daughter Harper…

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