Stone Roofing

Slate shingles are among the most attractive luxury roofing materials. They have a distinctive look and are best suited for classic colonial and European-style homes. Slate shingles can last more than 100 years, but they are heavy. You then have to add the cost of structural reinforcements and specialized installation to the already high price of slate shingles. Slate is also relatively fragile underfoot, so it is not ideal if the kids are likely to lob a ball onto the roof or someone will frequently need to inspect or adjust a solar array.

Clay and concrete tiles are the other main stone-like options. They are common in the southwestern United States, where high heat and wind are concerns for shingle roofs. They are heavier and more expensive than asphalt shingles. Concrete tiles are cheaper and easier to install than either slate or clay. Clay tiles, like slate, have a distinctive look and clash with some home styles and materials.