Victim?s Brother Seeks Answers After Skeletal Remains Identified

POSTED: 9:27 AM Apr 03 2012   UPDATED: 2:52 AM Apr 04 2012

It's a mystery no more -- a human skeleton found near the Greenbelt in Kingsport has been identified as that of Antonio J. Wyatt, a man his family says had everything going for him.

?He was a very loved young man. He was known by thousands of people," said James Wyatt, the victim?s brother. We learned Wyatt was from the Norfolk, Virginia area, and Kingsport was a new, temporary residence.

James Wyatt told News 5, Antonio Wyatt was staying at the Americourt Hotel while he was working in southwest Virginia. He was trying to make Kingsport his permanent home.

Police say it was on July 8, 2011 that Wyatt was officially reported missing by the company he worked for. "I talked to him right before I moved [to Durham]. I told him, you know, I was moving out here and once I got out here, I started to call him and his phone was off. I thought it was kind of odd, you know, his phone's always on," said James Wyatt.

It wasn't until months later that a surveyor literally stumbled upon Wyatt's body. On April 2, his body was identified and the death ruled murder. "It was determined he did suffer at least one gunshot wound, so it's being treated as a homicide," said Detective Corporal Frank Light with the Kingsport Police Department.

Police told us they're actively investigating leads, but with such a wide gap of when the crime happened and the opening of a murder case, there are challenges. "Any evidence that we had there at the scene is gone," Light said.

That?s leaving more time on the hands of Wyatt's loved ones who are waiting desperately for more answers. "Now that I know that it's him I can at least have a little bit of closure, but it's still not over for me,? James Wyatt said.

Kingsport police are asking for your help in cracking this case. If you have any information relating to the case, or if you know anything about Wyatt?s car, a 1998 gold Lexus with Virginia tag XUH1543, contact the Kingsport Police Department at 229-9429 or 246-9111.