Drivers Make Safety Precautions For Holiday Travel

Safety Tips For Holiday Travel On The Roads

POSTED: 11:07 AM Nov 20 2011   UPDATED: 11:46 AM Nov 20 2011

Drivers are racking up the miles to make it to their Thanksgiving holiday destinations.

News 5 talked with drivers at the Tennessee Welcome Center off Interstate 81 to see how far they were traveling. Trips ranged from 850 miles to over one thousand.

But with all those miles comes safety concerns. Drivers say they are taking precautions to make sure their car is safe on the road..

"We made sure the oil was changed," said Jeff Meyers of Roanoke, Virginia. "I haven't really checked the tire pressure yet though." Meyers admitted.

Experts say one important inspection is tire safety, especially with the long road trips some people take over the Thanksgiving holiday.

"It's important to check tire pressure all the time," said Ed Mayo of Advanced Auto Parts in Abingdon, Virginia. "Maintaining gas mileage is very important with everyone getting that gas mileage on the road." Mayo said.

Experts say wind shield wipers are also very important to check to make sure they are working properly.

Oil levels are also important to check, especially before driving out in cold winter weather.

"Check oil levels before you go out on the road," said Mayo. "Make sure you're topped off coolant wise so car doesn't freeze or overheat," he said.

The Advanced Auto Parts store in Abingdon has been busy. Employee's say customers are making safety precautions, and getting prepared for holiday travel.

Here are some other facts we found out.

The new Lundberg survey shows gas prices are down almost five cents form a week ago.

The national average is now $3.38 cents for a gallon of regular unleaded.